Building better relationships one hoof print at a time

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll answer some of our most common questions here!

Is this therapy?

In short, no. While our services are often described as therapeutic in nature, they are not technically therapy. Therapy goes much deeper than the work we will do and is provided by a licensed therapist. Instead, we will provide you with activities to complete with horses that will be tailored to your personal goals.

Will I get to ride?

Currently, our services are offered on the ground only; but don’t worry, you will have many opportunities to interact with horses from the ground.

What should I wear?

Safety is very important to us. It’s important you are comfortable, but it’s also important that you protect your feet. Closed toed shoes with a hard bottom are required. Boots are recommend. Also, program is located near a National Forest—insect repellent and sunscreen are recommend.

Do I need any previous experience with horses?


No experience with horses is needed! We will provide you with the proper training to be safe while working near and handling horses.