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What's New UP THERE?

Something’s always brewing UP THERE

We all have to start somewhere!

This journey has been an interesting one. I think my horse obsession started pretty early in life. I had a room full of My Little Ponies (any of you remember those?) and saved for a pony once I learned I was going to be leaving the city and moving to the country in the 4th grade. The move from Indiana to Wisconsin was an adventure and scary. I was a kid who didn’t quite fit the norm. I was shy and compensated by talking too much. That first pony, Misty, was my truest confidant for a long time. I spent many days in the barn grooming her and telling her all my 4th grade secrets.

While I didn’t know it then, that connection with Misty would be a springboard to where I am now. Through the years, even when horses didn’t share my life, I always felt most at home in a barn. Cleaning stalls had a bit of a zen experience for me. I found the same to be true with grooming. No matter how bad of a day I had, I could find solace in my equine friends. When there were no horses in my life, I felt lost and disconnected. Now I retreat to the barn when I need to ground myself and be a little more in the moment. I find I feel more regulated, more at peace, and some of my very best ideas come when I am cleaning the barn or filling haynets!

I welcome you to walk this journey with me and hope you’ll visit our little haven in the woods.

See you soon,


Rachael Loucks